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Welcome to Lifeguard Training NY. We are an organization dedicated to the training of life-saving techniques. We enable our students to be placed in locations and organization where their valuable skills are needed and valued. We have several courses of study which will enable our students to work in a variety of locations, as well as potentially save the lives of friends and family while at home or out swimming or boating.

Life-saving skills are important for everyone, and our courses are designed to provide our students with the knowledge and skills to act effectively in a variety of situations, including:

  • Rescuing a distressed or drowning swimmer in a pool.
  • Providing emergency first aid for a person with an injury or sudden illness.
  • Sustaining a person without a heartbeat using CPR until emergency medical services arrive.

Using an AED machine to assist a person in cardiac arrest.
Recognizing weather and water signs of trouble to evacuate guests at a swimming facility. This important knowledge and skills will accompany our students throughout their lives.

We are dedicated to bringing this valuable information to others so that they can:

    • Secure jobs and positions at swimming facilities.
    • Become better citizens by enabling them to save lives at home and at work.
    • Help swimming facilities to be safer by providing certified and fully trained lifeguards to protect their guests.

Give our students the confidence and skills to work as lifeguards as well as at other positions throughout their lives.

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