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Lifeguard Training New York

At Lifeguard Training NY we are determined to make sure that all our students know how to save a life in and out of the pool. After passing our classes all students will receive an NY and NJ DOH approved certification.

The classes we currently offer are

All of our classes are located in Nassau County, Suffolk County Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn NY, and New Jersey.


lifeguad training

Our lifeguarding class are designed to teach every student how to rescue and save a life in and out of the water.



Our Junior lifeguarding classes are for the ages 11-15. The student will learn Junior Lifeguarding, CPR/AED, and First Aid.



Our waterfront lifeguarding class are for the ages 15 and up. The student must already have a New York State Department of Health or NYS DOH equivalent lifeguarding certificate to take this class.


Water Safety Instructor

We now offer a Water Safety Instructor (WSI) course. We offer this class in Nassau and Suffolk County in Long Island NY, Queens and in Brooklyn NY.



Our CPR classes are for families, groups and companies. Take 3 hours of your time and learn to save a life.



Our prices for our lifeguarding, swimming, CPR/AED classes are very affordable, that way everyone can learn how to save a life.


About us

Information about the owner, head instructor and the assistant head instructor of Lifeguard Training NY, LLC



If you have any questions regarding our lifeguard training program you will get your answer on our FAQ page. If you have a question that is not listed please feel free to message us.



A lifeguard’s key duties include:

  1. Protect the safety of swimmers and water sports participants
  2. Educate water sports participants of water safety
  3. Determine whether the weather or water conditions are suitable for water sports
  4. Make sure rules and regulations for the particular water venue is properly observed by all participants
  5. Remain vigilant of what’s happening in the water area and be on the alert of possible incidents
  6. Patrol the water area
  7. Carry out emergency rescues as necessary
  8. Supervise the use of rescue equipment or first aid equipment
  9. Provide first aid service to people in need
Hire a lifeguard in Suffolk County NY


A lifeguard is responsible for the safety swimmers, surfers, and other water sports participants such as in a swimming pool, water park, or beach. In case of emergency, lifeguards will supervise or participate in the rescue of them.

Lifeguards must themselves be avid swimmers, have a strong body and have training in first aid.

Lifeguards also needs to be certified in water rescue by utilizing a variety of aids and equipment which is suitable for that particular situation.


Lifeguard Training NY is located in Nassau County Long Island, Suffolk County and Brooklyn NY. We teach Lifeguarding, Waterfront Lifeguarding, Swimming, CPR/AED First Aid and Emergency Oxygen. Our Lifeguarding classes are for students of the age 15 and up. After successfully passing the class, the students receives a a NYS DOH approved certification.

Our Swimming lessons are for the age 6 and up. Our CPR/AED, First Aid, Wilderness First Aid and Emergency Oxygen classes are for the age 10 and up.


Can you save a life in an emergency? When every second is critical would you know what to do? You may be the victim's only chance of survival until professional EMS assistance arrives.

CPR can provide oxygenated blood to the victim's brain and heart, dramatically increasing the chance of survival. Learn to handle whatever emergency situations you encounter.

Can you save a life in an emergency? When every second is critical would you know what to do? You may be the victim's only chance of survival until professional EMS assistance arrives.

CPR can provide oxygenated blood to the victim's brain and heart, dramatically increasing the chance of survival. Learn to handle whatever emergency situations you encounter.


CPR/AED,First Aid certification courses are available in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens,Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens. You choose the day, time, and location that best fits YOUR schedule. We can even send an instructor to you at no additional cost.


FIRST AID learn to respond to many different types of respiratory and cardiac medical emergencies. Learn to identify and handle sudden life threatening illnesses as well as injuries due to extreme heat or cold. Learn to provide aid for common soft tissue injuries and injuries to the limbs, spine, and head.


CPR FOR PROFESSIONAL RESCUER is for healthcare providers and first responders needing professional level basic life support training as a job requirement, such as lifeguards, police and fire personnel, nurses, EMTs, and doctors. This certification course includes adult, child & infant CPR, AED training, First Aid, Emergency Oxygen, and Bloodborne Pathogens.

CPR AED FOR COMMUNITY & WORKPLACE is for laypersons who desire to have CPR & AED knowledge and skills in case they become involved in a first aid situation, such as employees in business, restaurants, hotels, and industry, adult residential care personnel, school bus drivers, child care workers, teachers, parents, camp counselors, and babysitters. This certification course includes adult, child & infant CPR, AED training, First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens.


EMERGENCY OXYGEN can improve the condition of all victims with serious medical problems. Learn how and when to administer emergency oxygen. Learn to handle, assemble, and maintain an emergency oxygen system.

Blended Learning

Some of our classes including our lifeguarding, CPR/AED and First Aid classes are ran in the Blended Learning format. You can get more information about it, by go to the Blended Learning page.


BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS  Occupational Safety & Health Administration (O.S.H.A.) standard includes Lifeguards, Housekeepers, Maintenance Custodians, etc. Your involvement in any clean up or emergency situation may put you and others at risk of contamination.

​Learn to prevent exposure to bloodborne pathogens at work by using universal precautions, personal protective equipment, engineering and work practice controls.  Learn the precautions you need to take to avoid becoming ill or spreading bloodborne pathogens.


Lifeguard Training NY, LLC teaches and certifies the students in Junior Lifeguarding.

To take the Junior Lifeguarding class the student must be over the age of 11.

The student will learn and get certified in Junior Lifeguarding, CPR/AED, First Aid and Emergency Oxygen.

  1. Lifeguard job in Nassau, Suffolk, Brooklyn & Queens call Danielle (American Pool) 1-877-494-7665 ($13-$16 hr)
  2. Lifeguard job in Port Jefferson, Smithtown, Garden City, Bay Shore, and Farmingdale. Call George Call (631) 707-5861 ($15+ hr) NYS Pool Management Company
  3. Lifeguard job in Melville, Kenwal Day Camp, call Howie (631) 694-3399 ($13-$17 hr)
  4. Lifeguard jobs for Pools in Suffolk County, LI, Call Glenn at Chaikin Ultimate Management (631) 242-2667 ($14-$16/hr) Click here for the flyer
  5. Lifeguard job in Amityville NY, Hampton Bays NY. Call Mark O’Loughlin by phone text or email  631 414 8412 ($16 + hr)
  6. Lifeguard and Swim Instructor job in East Setauket call Gail (631) 872-1780
  7. Lifeguard job in East Meadow call Luanne from Big Chief Day Camp (516) 781-3900 ($12-$15 hr)
  8. Aquatic Supervisor job in North Bellmore, South Shore Day Camp, call Chris (516) 785-3311 ($18-$20 hr)
  9. Lifeguard job at Hofstra University call Jen (516) 463-5082
  10. Lifeguard job in Melville NY call Shirley (631) 943-5903
  1. Lifeguard Jobs in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Brooklyn. Call Marvin 631 772-9101 (16+ hr with bonuses)
  2. Lifeguard Jobs all over long island, Call Tom from Aquatech Management 516-318-2990 ($13.00 – $16 hr)
  3. Lifeguard and WSI job at North Shore Day Camp in Glen Cove, Call Todd 516 656-4235. You can make up to $4,300 a Summer!!! Click here to view their flyer. Come with a friend and get a $200 bonus
  4. Lifeguard job in Seagate Brooklyn. Pool lifeguard $17.00 an hour, pool and beach {waterfront} $18.00 an hour. Contact Joe (718) 838-4913
  5. Lifeguard job at KE Camps. Locations Port Washington, East Norwich, Huntington, Mamaroneck. You can apply here. Or call Dylan 877-671-2267 Ext. 810
  6. Lifeguard job in Quogue call Tim (631) 653-6767
  7. Lifeguard job in Jamaica Queens, call Mike (718) 658 8311 ($16 hr)
  8. Lifeguard job in Garden City call Shaun (Adelphi University) (516) 877-4277 ($15 hr)
  9. Lifeguarding job at the Oceanside JCC, call John at (516) 634-4184
  10. Lifeguard job in Queens (Spa Castle) call Amy (718) 939-6300 ($15 hour)


If you are interested in having a Lifeguarding Class, Junior Lifeguarding class, Swimming lessons, CPR/AED, First Aid, or Responding to Emergencies class at your camp, school, or in your own private pool. Give us a call at 718 954-5567 or email us at meliyahu@.com


Nassau County lifeguarding exam
If you want to work as a lifeguard in Nassau County, you will need to get a Nassau County lifeguard certification.

Before getting their certification, you would need to get a New York State Department of Health lifeguard certification. You can get more information about the Nassau County lifeguard exam by going to our Nassau County Lifeguard Certification page.

Hire a lifeguard
Having a pool party or a private event in Nassau County, Suffolk County Long Island, or anywhere in NY and need to hire a lifeguard? Call us at 718 954-5567 and we will help you schedule a lifeguard for your event.

All our Lifeguards are NYS DOH certified through the NYS DOH approved list and certified in CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuers and First Aid.

In person Lifeguard Management exam
New York State requires all Lifeguards in management positions, to take the lifeguard management course and the in-person lifeguard management exam.
Lifeguard Training NY would like to thank Nassau County Pool Services for the past year. They have done an amazing job with our pool

They have been building, fixing, and cleaning pools in Nassau County for over 10 years and they do an amazing job at it.

Lifeguard class in New York
If you are looking for a lifeguard class in New York, look no further than Lifeguard Training NY. All our instructors have real-life experience.

If you are looking for lifeguard classes outside NY. You can find other providers by searching for lifeguard classes near me.

Sexual Harassment Training for Lifeguards
In New York State, some facilities require lifeguards to do Sexual Harassment Training. We partnered up with an Online Sexual Harassment Training class to help our students complete the New York State requirement.

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  9. We Can Modify the Terms and Conditions at Any Time
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  34. Survival
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  38. If A Term Is Not Enforceable Legally, The Rest of The Terms Are Still Enforceable
  39. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions shall be found invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of these Terms and Conditions shall remain enforceable and shall be interpreted so as best to reasonably effect the intent of the Parties.

  40. This Website is Accessible to Those With Disabilities
  41. This Website is intended to be compliant with the American With Disabilities Act. The Company recognizes that software is fickle and accessibility could be interfered with unintentionally. Therefore, if You, for any reason, finds the Website inaccessible, You should notify the Company immediately. The Company will take all actions necessary to fix any issues with the Website to make it accessible. By utilizing this site, You agree to first notify the Company of any inaccessibility issues, and You must take all steps on your end to make the site accessible, or else any claim of inaccessibility shall be null and void. You agree that this is reasonable and is not against public policy.

  42. Where to Contact Us
  43. If there are any questions regarding these Terms and Conditions, your privacy, or our policies, or you want to provide notice of any incident for any reason, you may contact Lifeguard Training NY LLC via email at admin@lifeguardtrainingny.com

  44. Entire Agreement
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