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Lifeguard Preparation classes cover the following topics

We will work with you to pass on the following skills

  • 300 yards of free and/or breaststroke
  • A surface dive to a depth of 7–10 feet
  • Returning to the surface with a 10-pound object
  • Treading water without the use of arms for 2 minutes

Lifeguard Management class

Lifeguard Management course is for anyone who works as an aquatic professional and is in a supervisory role, or looking to be promoted into a supervisory role at any number of aquatic facility types.

To take part of the Lifeguard Management course, the student must be a over the age of 15.

Lifeguard Management in person exam

Prior to taking the lifeguard management in person exam, you must take the course online. New York State (NYS) requires all lifeguard management exams to be in person. We offer the in-person lifeguard exam in Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Long Island, NY (New York). This test is a short exam, but it must be in person.

We offer the in-person Lifeguard Management exam every Sunday from 10-11. If it doesn’t work for you, call us at (718) 954-5567, and we will schedule another date that will work for you.

What is the Lifeguard Management class?

The Lifeguard Management class is a training course that prepares individuals to take the Lifeguard Management certification exam. The class covers various topics related to managing lifeguards and pool operations, including supervision, risk management, emergency procedures, and facility management.

During the class, participants will learn about the responsibilities of a lifeguard manager, including how to supervise lifeguards and ensure patrons’ safety effectively. They will also learn about the legal and regulatory requirements for pool operations and how to maintain and inspect pool equipment properly.

The class may include classroom instruction and hands-on training, such as mock emergency scenarios. It is typically taught by a certified instructor, who will also provide guidance and support as participants prepare for the certification exam.

The length of the class can vary. Depending on the program, it can be a few days or several weeks. Successful class completion is usually required to take the Lifeguard Management certification exam.

Why should I take the Lifeguard Management class ?


There are several reasons why someone might choose to take a Lifeguard Management class:

  1. Career advancement: The class is designed to prepare individuals for the Lifeguard Management certification exam, which is a necessary step for those who wish to work in a supervisory or management role in an aquatic facility. This certification can open up new opportunities and help advance your career.
  2. Safety: The class teaches participants about pool operations’ legal and regulatory requirements and how to maintain and inspect pool equipment properly. This knowledge is essential for ensuring the safety of patrons and lifeguards.
  3. Emergency preparedness: The class includes instruction on emergency procedures and how to handle different types of situations, such as medical emergencies, water rescues, and inclement weather. Knowing how to respond to these situations can help to prevent injuries and save lives.
  4. Team management: The class provides instruction on effectively supervising and managing a team of lifeguards. By learning how to communicate effectively, set clear expectations, and provide constructive feedback, you will be able to lead your team more effectively and create a safe and productive environment for all.
  5. Continuing education: Even if you are already a certified lifeguard, taking a Lifeguard Management class is a good way to stay current on the latest best practices and regulations in the field of aquatic safety.

Overall, the Lifeguard Management class provides valuable training and knowledge that can help individuals succeed in an aquatic facility’s supervisory or management role and enhance safety and emergency preparedness.

Course topics include:

1) The lifeguard manager’s roles and responsibilities, including information specific to various facility types, guidelines and codes

2) Staff management, including hiring, training, fostering teamwork and conducting evaluations

3) Injury prevention, workplace safety and emergency action planning

4) Risk management and legal considerations

How do I sign up to the Lifeguard Management Course?

This class is taken online. There must be a in person testing session, its required by NYS

Certification requirements:

Successful completion of all six online modules

Successful completion of the online final exam with a score of 80 percent or better

We teach the Lifeguard Management course, also known as the Pool Activity Leader class, in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island, and Brooklyn, NY.

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