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Pool Party Lifeguards for Hire

Hire a lifeguard

Lifeguard Training NY, LLC offers event and pool party lifeguards for hire! Our lifeguards are certified by the New York State Department of Health, fully insured and very friendly. Use our certified lifeguards to provide event SAFETY at your next pool party or private event!


A fully certified & insured lifeguard at your pool party or pool event is a must have in order to provide added security and ease of mind for you and your guests. You can reach our office at 718-954-5567 to schedule the correct number of lifeguards for your party or event based on the number of guests and age of swimmers.


We offer lifeguards for hire services all over Long Island. We have dozens of lifeguards for hire in Nassau and Suffolk County. We are here to help you make sure you are safe during the pool party or event.


We only hire the best trained New York State Department of Health lifeguards. Who are also certified in CPR/AED, First Aid and know how to respond to emergencies.

Benefits of hiring lifeguards on Long island


These are some of the benefits of hiring lifeguards:

1) Having lifeguards lessens your safety worries. People tend to enjoy the beach or pools with their families, friends, and love ones especially on Holidays. While you are busy about managing the party, the lifeguards will be a reliable companion. Having and hiring lifeguards will help you protect and safeguard your loved ones from getting drowned. The lifeguard will serve as an extra-eye to monitor and guide the swimmers to safely enjoy the celebration.


2) Hiring lifeguards will make you feel more comfortable. The lifeguards are all guaranteed professionals. Our lifeguards will be expert on their field. They went through rigorous training to ensure they guard a fun and safe pool or beach party. This means that they are reliable and can do their jobs genuinely well. With the help of our lifeguards, it would definitely have a feeling of relief. So you can sit back, enjoy, and feel the moment.


3) Our lifeguards are passionate about their jobs. They are guaranteed to be friendly and accommodating to other people. There would not need to be worried about being and feeling uncomfortable. If our costumers would want, they may give safety precautions and instructions to all people prior to the start of the swimming time. They would indeed be happy to serve you.


4) Our lifeguards are equipped with basic and advanced safety equipments. These supplementary equipments will help the lifeguards to better respond to any accident that may occur. Examples of which are Rescue Tubes, First Aid equipment, etc. In case the setting will be on beaches like surfing or other water sports, our lifeguards will bring jet skis in case the surfer might be far off-shore.


5) Our lifeguards can also take over and take part of the fun. Our lifeguards can make the setting and the party with you. The lifeguards can make the party for you too. The lifeguards can take care of the games, fun, and other joyous events while securing the safety of all members. This will make it more convenient for you. The program will be discussed with you and the lifeguards can run it for you. With this, you will be able to take part and relax along with the celebration. This gives you a complete time to enjoy the party without even thinking about the preparations and the processes. These will all be given with one of our package.


6) Our lifeguards will do prior checking to the venue. To make it more convenient our lifeguards are tasked to check the venue and know where the danger-prone areas are. They will conduct examination of the venue and ask for details to gain full knowledge about it. Having these check-ups will help the lifeguards make a better plan on safeguarding the swimmers. These will make it easier for them to know the weak parts of the area and to deal with the worst situations that might happen.

Lifeguard Training NY has lifeguards for hire to guard at your next private pool party

If you want to hire a lifeguard, you must undergo a certain hiring process. This process should be taken seriously to avoid later complications. This process takes time and effort but is definitely worth it. These are the steps on hiring lifeguards:


1) Tell us the cause

This will be the first step of the process. Knowing the basic questions is the fundamental step. There is a need to know what you want and where it would happen. Would it be a pool party? Would it be a beach party? Would it be a surfing contest? These types of questions should ring a bell. This will be the basis of all the qualifications that you will set later on. Knowing what these are will help you decide later on the selection process. Also, there are ready-made suggestions for certain causes. You may opt to go on with the suggested package or make the team yourself.


2) The selection process

Since you already know your cause, we will be able to decide the lifeguard team. It is up to your cause on how many members you would like to be on a particular team. The selection process is crucial, especially for big events. This should be taken consideration meticulously. There will be suggested lifeguards who are excellent on the field but you may also opt to choose them yourself. There will be a list of all qualified lifeguards given by the company. The need to choose a lifeguard can be a convenient key for having a more suited lifeguard can help you better. The list includes their detailed backgrounds and their corresponding notable experiences on the job. This includes their credentials, estimated costs, and all necessary details. This will help you decide the most fitting team for your cause. Like for an example, your venue is situated on beaches. There might be several lifeguards but there will be certain people who are best suited for the job. It will all be reflected on their backgrounds and credential page.


3) Submit your application

After all the necessary details are filled out, submit your application form to us. This step can be done online or through the office. Only applicants who successfully meet the required qualifications will be accepted. If your application lacks the necessary details, you will be informed immediately by the company so that you can make the necessary changes. If submitted through the office, this will take on about 3 to 4 days checking time. Within 3 to 4 days, the company will mail or email you about the result. On the other hand, when it is submitted online, it would only take 2 days before you can get your application result. Once the application is accepted, you may now be able to enjoy the genuine service.


The safety lifeguards can provide

As stated in the benefits, there are various of safety parts in having lifeguards. Below are some examples and the safety part of hiring a lifeguard:


Since the lifeguards are trained professionals. It will be guaranteed that the services they give are genuine. This means that they will be able to do their job without fail. This is to ensure the safety of everybody within the vicinity of the venue. If ever there will occur drowning accidents, these lifeguards know how to handle it well. They have been practicing and studying how to save a drowning person and are certified by the New York State Department of Health. All our Lifeguards are certified in CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuers and First Aid.


They are trained to save a drowning person with varying weights, heights, position, and situation. This makes the lifeguards be versatile in different situations. They will be able to know the best option in saving a particular person with varying characteristics especially physical differences. Like for an example, when saving a bigger and larger person there will be a more efficient method of saving that particular person.


In case there will be a drowning incident, these are the steps that the rescuer should do:

1) Assess the situation- if the drowning victim is still active he or she will try to bob in and out of the water. He or she will be struggling with her mouth just above the water surface but won’t be able to make a forward progress. If someone looks like having a trouble but does not call for help, the individual might not have enough oxygen to call for help. If you want to save a drowning person, make sure of your swimming capabilities. If not, call for help. Lifeguards have trained about these situations and know how to deal with it properly.


2) Decide which rescue method to use- there are various ways on rescuing a drowning person. This depends on the situation which is partnered by the best method to rescue the person. This procedure must be thought quickly and calmly as much as possible. Lifeguards are fully aware of all the possible and most efficient methods for every situation.


3) Look for rescuing tools- there will be various tools to help you save a drowning person. These include rescue tubes, ropes, reaching sticks, lifejackets etc. Lifeguards necessarily have the basic and even the advanced technology and tools to save a drowning person.


4) Proceed with the rescue- having thoughtfully understanding the situation and knowing the situation. Perform the rescue method swiftly and safely. Staying calm and focused will be the key in performing it properly. It is also, necessary to make the victim calm and try to make the victim feel safe.


5) Caring about the victim after it is rescued- Assess the person’s ABCs or airway, breathing, and circulation. It would be a must to call 911 or an emergency response team. If the person is no longer breathing, check for his or her pulse for 10 seconds. If the victim has no pulse, begin CPR.


All of these things and more ways on saving a victim are already known by our lifeguards. With their knowledge, it would be assuring to have them on our trips.


Why hire our lifeguards?

Why use our lifeguards

You will never know when disaster might strike in the pool area. But when it does, you would want to have lifeguards that can respond to the situation effectively. Unfortunately, not all lifeguards can do this!


So why exactly use our lifeguards? What exactly makes our lifeguards standout from other lifeguards?

For starters, our training is at par with the best in the industry. And because of this, you can guarantee that our lifeguards can save people’s lives. We make sure to provide all the necessary training not only to get people out of the water when they are drowning but also serve as the first responder in delivering CPR and first aid measures.


Once lifeguards passed our classes, they are trained with a sufficient number of class hours on how to assess and perform basic first aid solutions. They will receive a New York State Department of Health Certificate afterward as well.


We are aware how each second counts whenever we are dealing with incidences of drowning. Our trained lifeguards can assess the desired intervention that should be applied to the victim. By assessing the ABC (Airway, Breathing, and Circulation), proper intervention can be done that can help save a person’s life.


In addition to this, the lifeguards are trained to use different kinds of first aid equipment and apply first aid interventions in order to prevent worsening of injuries or to even prevent fatalities from happening. Our lifeguards are capable of using buoys, life jackets, and other types of floatation devices that can be used in rescuing a person who is drowning.


Also, our lifeguards are committed to fulfilling their duties. They can make the necessary decisions in order to promote safety in different scenarios in swimming pools. Among their roles include protecting swimmers and water sports participants, implementing safety rules and regulations that should be observed by participants, and staying alert for any emergencies and rescue people in danger in the water.


Next, you can also guarantee that our lifeguards are in top physical condition and are very good swimmers themselves. We make sure that all our lifeguards have a strong physique and are in top condition in order to promote their safety and the safety of other people swimming in the pool area.


This means that they can perform the job regardless if the emergency is happening in a swimming pool, a water park, or a beach.


And our lifeguards know exactly how to have fun with you. They can provide you with a venue that is safe while keeping an eye on everyone that is in the pool area. In addition to this, they can also assess the area to which areas may pose a potential danger to people who are going to swim.


This gives you the peace of mind whenever you are going to have a party in the pool area or on the beach. And yes, you don’t have to keep an eye on everyone who attended the party. You can relax and let our lifeguard implement the safety regulations that should be observed in the water park, beach, or swimming pool area.




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