Class For Life


Sign up with a friend for a lifeguarding class, and you both receive a $25 discount.


Lifeguard Preparation classes cover the following topics

We will work with you to pass on the following skills

  • 300 yards of free and/or breaststroke
  • A surface dive to a depth of 7–10 feet
  • Returning to the surface with a 10-pound object
  • Treading water without the use of arms for 2 minutes

Staff lifeguards on Long Island

Are you short on lifeguard staff? Do your lifeguards call out? Does your facility needs lifeguards? Did you have issues with your previous lifeguard staffing agency?

We offer lifeguard staffing on Long Island including Nassau County and Suffolk County.

Whether you are a Camp, Gym, Hotel, Residential pool, School, Beach Club, Country Club, or Home Owners Association, Lifeguard Training NY will staff your beach and pools with certified lifeguards to meet the needs of your facility.

We offer full time, part time and temporary lifeguard staffing in Nassau County, Suffolk County on Long Island.

Why hire our lifeguards?

You will never know when disaster might strike in the pool area. But when it does, you would want to have lifeguards that can respond to the situation effectively. Unfortunately, not all lifeguards can do this!

So why exactly use our lifeguards? What exactly makes our lifeguards standout from other lifeguards?

For starters, our training is at par with the best in the industry. And because of this, you can guarantee that our lifeguards can save people’s lives. We make sure to provide all the necessary training not only to get people out of the water when they are drowning but also serve as the first responder in delivering CPR and first aid measures.

Once lifeguards passed our classes, they are trained with a sufficient number of class hours on how to assess and perform basic first aid solutions. They will receive a New York State Department of Health Certificate afterward as well.

We are aware how each second counts whenever we are dealing with incidences of drowning. Our trained lifeguards can assess the desired intervention that should be applied to the victim. By assessing the ABC (Airway, Breathing, and Circulation), proper intervention can be done that can help save a person’s life.

In addition to this, the lifeguards are trained to use different kinds of first aid equipment and apply first aid interventions in order to prevent worsening of injuries or to even prevent fatalities from happening. Our lifeguards are capable of using buoys, life jackets, and other types of flotation devices that can be used in rescuing a person who is drowning.

Also, our lifeguards are committed to fulfilling their duties. They can make the necessary decisions in order to promote safety in different scenarios in swimming pools. Among their roles include protecting swimmers and water sports participants, implementing safety rules and regulations that should be observed by participants, and staying alert for any emergencies and rescue people in danger in the water.

Next, you can also guarantee that our lifeguards are in top physical condition and are very good swimmers themselves. We make sure that all our lifeguards have a strong physique and are in top condition in order to promote their safety and the safety of other people swimming in the pool area.

This means that they can perform the job regardless if the emergency is happening in a swimming pool, a water park, or a beach.

And our lifeguards know exactly how to have fun with you. They can provide you with a venue that is safe while keeping an eye on everyone that is in the pool area. In addition to this, they can also assess the area to which areas may pose a potential danger to people who are going to swim.

This gives you the peace of mind whenever you are going to have a party in the pool area or on the beach. And yes, you don’t have to keep an eye on everyone who attended the party. You can relax and let our lifeguard implement the safety regulations that should be observed in the water park, beach, or swimming pool area.

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