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Lifeguard Preparation classes cover the following topics

We will work with you to pass on the following skills

  • 300 yards of free and/or breaststroke
  • A surface dive to a depth of 7–10 feet
  • Returning to the surface with a 10-pound object
  • Treading water without the use of arms for 2 minutes

Lifeguard Instructor

Lifeguard Instructor courses are created and taught by industry-leading professionals. As a Lifeguard Instructor, you will learn the latest highest standard of water safety and water rescue techniques to deliver CPR, First Aid, and AED administration.

Our Lifeguard Instructor classes are taught in Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk County), Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and upstate New York.

Not only will you make the water a safer place for yourself and the people around you, but instructor candidates will develop skills that have the potential to translate to a career!

Becoming a lifeguard instructor is an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience, and is an extremely accessible process. This article will explain what instructor candidates need to become a lifeguard instructor, what an instructor course most often entails, and how long it takes to become a lifeguard instructor.

The instructor course will train instructor candidates to teach Lifeguarding, Shallow Water Lifeguarding, Waterfront Skills, CPR/AED, First Aid Training amongst other modules (a more expansive list will be featured later in the article!).

Lifeguard Instructor Class

Becoming a Lifeguard Instructor

So next we’ll answer the most frequently asked questions about the process!

What will I need to take an Instructor Course?

To take a Lifeguard Instructor Course, you must be at least 18 years old before or on the last day of the course. It is expected that you will be able to swim at a basic level and so you must successfully complete a swimming skills test.

As well as this, prerequisites include a current certificate for Lifeguarding, First Aid, CPR/AED. You may also need to successfully complete the precourse session. Once you have completed the Precourse Session you need to obtain the Lifeguarding Instructor’s Manual and Lifeguarding manual – then you’ll be good to go!

Lifeguard Instructor class

What will the course cover?

When enrolled in the course, you will receive the latest training from highly experienced instructors, developing invaluable life skills. Lifeguarding Instructor training will include several aspects ranging from lifeguard training, shallow water lifeguarding, First Aid, CPR/AED, and many other variations depending on the class.

There are a variety of instructor courses, including:

Lifeguarding Instructor

CPR/AED Instructor

First Aid Instructor

Shallow Pool Lifeguard Instructor

Waterfront Lifeguarding Instructor

Jr. Lifeguard Instructor

Aquatic Supervisor training

Beach Lifeguard Instructor

Each lifeguard instructor course has an Instructor Bridge Course for qualified candidates certified with equivalent training organizations who wish to also become an American Aquatics and Safety Training Instructor.

Future lifeguard instructors will also become comfortable navigating Junior Lifeguarding, Safety Training, and Aquatic Supervisor training.

In order to become a certified Lifeguard Instructor, instructor candidates must successfully complete the Prerequisite session, and it is expected that you attend and actively participate in all course sessions. Additionally, candidates must complete class activities (including co-teaching a full lifeguard class with a Lifeguard Instructor Trainer and teach a full lifeguard class under the supervision of a Lifeguard Instructor Trainer), score 80% or higher on the instructor course final written exam. Then you will finally receive your instructor certifications and become a Lifeguard instructor!

The classroom sessions are designed to be taught in less than 50 hours!

Where can I take a Lifeguard Instructor course?

Courses are available in person but can be completed online through blended learning simulation experiences that combine online coursework with in-person skill sessions. The American Aquatics and Safety Training provides year-round lifeguarding instructor and water safety courses, offering a wide range of variety depending on the class to suit different candidates. Never before has it been so accessible to become a lifeguard instructor!

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