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Nassau County Lifeguard Certification

To get the Nassau County lifeguard certification, the student must take the Nassau County lifeguarding exam.


In order for the student to take this exam you need to:

  • Call (516) 572-6591 and schedule an exam date
  • The student must possess a NYS approved lifeguard certification
  • Be over the age of 16
  • Fill out the application form
  • Have your doctor fill out part of the application form
  • Pay a $100 exam fee


The only people that can give this exam, is Nassau County. This exam is an add-on to the Lifeguard certification.


If you need to get a lifeguard certification, go to our course dates page to see our upcoming lifeguarding classes.


If you will not be working in Nassau County NY, you don't need to take this exam.

Nassau County lifeguard certification test dates

Nassau County offers their lifeguarding exam very often. You can call them at (516) 572-6591, and get all the exam dates.

There are times that they offer the test once a week. For example in May, they offer it every Saturday.

Is the Nassau exam timed?

Yes and no.

Nassau County offers different "grades" of lifeguard certifications. Some of the grades are timed and some are not.

What does the exam consist of ?

The Performance test consists of:

  • Entrance into the pool with a standard shallow dive, followed by a freestyle for 50 yards in 35 seconds or less
  • An endurance swim of 200 yards in continuous crawl style in good form, within 3:45
  • Front surface approach for 25 yards, followed by an alternate cross chest carry of a struggling victim for 25 yards
  • Front and back head hold escapes
  • 15 yard approach with a rescue tube, place rescue tube on victim and return to starting location
  • Surface dive in a 10 feet deep pool, to retrieve a 10 pound weight and bring it to the surface
  • Witness a demonstration of handling neck and back injuries in shallow and deep water
  • Written test on lifeguarding. Student must receive an 80% or higher on the exam to pass. The test questions come from the lifeguarding textbook
Payments for the Nassau County lifeguarding exam

The cost for the Nassau County Lifeguarding exam is $100.


When you go for the Nassau County exam, the Nassau County Department of Health will charge you the fee.

They accept:

  • Check
  • Credit Card
  • Money Order
More information
  • The exam is almost never given at the same location. So call Nassau County at (516) 572-6591 and find out where they are offering this exam.
  • There are between 20-40 people people taking the exam at once. So call ahead of time to save a spot. These spots fill up quickly.
  • You can download the Nassau County lifeguard application here.
  • Your doctor needs to fill out parts of the form.
  • There are different levels of the certification. So if you don't have 20/20 vision, you can still work as a lifeguard in Nassau County.
  • After taking our lifeguarding crash course, you will be able to take the Nassau County lifeguarding exam.
  • Most of our students who take our lifeguarding course pass the Nassau County lifeguarding exam.



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