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Sign up with a friend for a lifeguarding class, and you both receive a $25 discount.


Lifeguard Preparation classes cover the following topics

We will work with you to pass on the following skills

  • 300 yards of free and/or breaststroke
  • A surface dive to a depth of 7–10 feet
  • Returning to the surface with a 10-pound object
  • Treading water without the use of arms for 2 minutes

Lifeguard and CPR Class Staten Island NY

Below are the course dates for our classes in Staten Island NY.

We also offer classes in

Lifeguard class, Water Safety Instructor, CPR for the Professional Rescuer, Waterfront, and Jr. Lifeguarding in Staten Island NY. If you have any questions about our training, call us at (718) 954-5567.

If you want to take a Lifeguard Re-certification class, you must have a current lifeguarding certificate or one that expired within 90 days.

Sign up with a friend and you will each receive a $25 discount.

If you want to mix and match course dates, send us a message on the Contact Us page and we will try to accommodate you.

Course Dates and Course Registration

Lifeguarding and Jr. Lifeguarding classes are from 10AM-8:00PM

New dates will be posted soon

Lifeguard Re-certification classes are from 10AM-7PM

New dates will be posted soon

CPR for Lifeguards and basic level CPR are from 11AM-2PM

New dates will be posted soon

Waterfront Lifeguarding classes are from 2PM-8PM

New dates will be posted soon

Lifeguard Management in person exam 10AM-11AM

Call us at (718) 954-5567 to schedule an exam date.

Water Safety Instructor (WSI) classes are from 9:30AM-5PM

More dates coming soon

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