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CPR classes on long island and in Brooklyn NY

All our CPR classes are taught by New York State Department Of Health approved instructors on Long Island NY and in Brooklyn NY.

New York State requires all lifeguards to renew their CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer certification every year.

There are many different levels of CPR training. We will mention them all below.

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CPR saves lives. You know it but you don’t know how. It’s time to learn the skill and take on the role of a strong link between near-death and new life.

The goal of administering CPR is to prevent cardiac arrest from happening.  In emergency situations, it is administered through rescue breathing followed by compressions done on the victim’s chest.  If successful, oxygenated blood is produced and sent to the brain and to all other organs of the body.  The possibility of death or damage in the victim’s brain is thus mitigated.

The importance of signing up for first aid training and CPR courses can never be understated. But who should take CPR courses?  Apart from those who are already expected to acquire the skill (people in the medical field and life-saving professions), anyone including you should be taking it.  If you have the desire to help in an emergency, the time is ripe to learn it. If you happen to care for and supervise family and community members, including children and the elderly, you should take the course even more.

Many people succumb to death daily because of drowning, suffocation from smoke, and cardiac arrest.  Sadly, a lot of people aren’t aware of how to respond properly when facing such challenges.

Some may not be aware of the damaging effects of loss of blood in the brain. It is ironic that while CPR, like first aid, does save lives, so many people continue to ignore it.  You, for instance, may have plans to take it, but it is simply not on your list of priorities right now.

In the US alone, there are so many groups offering CPR courses. These professionals are capable of teaching you how to manage cardiac arrest as well as a cessation of breathing. You will be taught how to administer 100 per minute chest compressions and deliver air into the patient’s mouth to save him.

If you know CPR, you know which important steps to follow during emergency situations:

Calling 911 is usually the first step.  Doing chest compressions is next. You do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation at the prescribed rate.  As soon as the emergency team comes to the scene, you don’t just leave the area.  You still have the responsibility to brief them about the incident.  This includes the time the victim had cardiac arrest as well as the procedures are done to him from the time he collapsed until the team’s arrival.

CPR is a basic life-saving skill ANYONE should learn. If you’re of age and capable of learning, practicing, and applying it in actual situations, you should not delay learning it any longer.  If you pass the course, you’ll be able to assist anyone around you in an emergency.  The first few minutes are the most important when somebody has stopped breathing or have experienced cardiac arrest.  With you around, you’re going to be that vital link that will connect him to dear life.


Could you administer CPR if cardiac arrest happens to a family member or friend?  If you value life, there is no valid excuse for not learning the skill.

While you have called 911 instantly, it might take a few minutes before help could arrive.  However, if you know how CPR is done, you can up your loved one’s chances of coming out of the incident alive and well.

Typically, two procedures are involved – chest compression and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. When a victim’s heart suddenly stops beating, no organ within the body could function as a pumping tool for the blood to reach vital organs. The first helps trigger the heart to move continuously within the body. The second allows oxygen to enter the victim’s lungs.

You might think that you are just giving off the air that’s been exhaled but take note that more than 15 percent of what you are giving off is actually oxygen.  This percentage is vital in a life-threatening situation.

In an article on first aid training published in a health journal, a professional rescuer warned that when cardiac arrest happens and blood flow has slowed down, even a slight cessation of chest compression will have a huge negative impact on the victim’s survival.  This, he said, emphasizes the importance of continuous chest compression as part of the CPR process.

According to a government health institute, CPR is proven to be an efficient method of resuscitating young adults and children who had figured in accidents like choking or drowning.

There are so many instances when cardiac arrest happens to people far from the nearest hospitals.  If you happen to be in their vicinity, knowing First Aid and CPR for the Professional Rescuer will have a great impact on how a victim would end up.  Unfortunately, a survey shows that only a third of patients have ever received CPR because only a few know how.  You may be present at the incident but because you aren’t trained, you have doubts about what to do.  You are there but you can’t help.  You are a mere bystander.

Cardiac arrest doesn’t happen due to heart attack alone. It can be a result of serious infection in the blood like SARS, for instance.  Your breathing may suddenly stop and your heart stops beating.  Because of this trigger, some are hesitant to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation for fear of contracting an infection. You can do compression only CPR, in the meantime.

CPR has proven to boost the victim’s survival if done properly at the right time. But how important is proper timing?  When CPR is administered to a cardiac arrest victim within a short span of five minutes, the victim’s probability of survival goes up by 50 percent.  It is possible for paramedics to arrive longer than five minutes from notification.  But because you were trained in CPR, you can save the life of the person next to you.  This clearly demonstrates how critical it is for nearly everyone to learn it.


CPR training is being offered by entities scattered across states and one of their goals is to teach CPR to anyone who desires to save precious lives.

Fact is different conditions will call for different CPR skills.  Below is a list of the common CPR training that seeks to address different needs.


Most trainees in the program consist of employees of enrolled by firms who would like to equip their staff with such skill. Company staff spends a great amount of time in the confines of their offices and sadly the workplace isn’t exempted from stress-related conditions leading to cardiac arrest.  For this reason, it makes sense for employers to get involved in the safety of their staff and this includes sending them to Adult CPR training.

If you happen to be enrolled in this program, expect to be taught the techniques of resuscitation and chest compression as well as the proper use and function of an automated external defibrillator (AED).  Classes will run only for about 5 hours and typically conducted in the office premises so it won’t unnecessarily disrupt work.

Infant and children

This course is especially helpful and vital for people who are always around babies and children. Sessions may run for up to 8 hours, a bit longer than first aid classes.  If you are a participant in this type of training, instructors will be teaching you proper responses to emergency scenarios where babies and young children are the victims.

You will also be shown how CPR for kids is different from those intended for adults.  Parents and those who are working as caregivers are encouraged to learn the skill. Children are understandably more fragile than most adults and so extra precaution is taught when administering resuscitation to them. You use your fingertips to apply chest compressions on babies during emergencies.

Hand only CPR

You would use hands only CPR if you do not have a CPR breathing barrier.

Choking signs

How do you know if a person has choked?

Prior first aid training has taught you that clutching the throat is a sign. He might be unable to talk or forcefully coughing as if trying to dislodge food. He will have difficulty breathing too.

When choking has progressed into something more serious, the pallet of his skin and nails may turn pale or blue.  Eventually, he might get unconscious.

A Hand only CPR teaches the five-and-five procedure when dealing with choking. The process entails the following:

Send five blows on the back using the heel of the hand.  Target the area that lies between the shoulder and the shoulder blades.

Send five thrusts in the abdomen. This is popularly referred to as the Heimlich maneuver.

Switch from blows and thrusts until his throat is clear

The method for unconscious victims is different. A hand CPR instructor will advise you to let the victim lay on the floor and on his back. If the item causing the blockage be it is high in the throat, carefully reach for it with your finger and swiftly pluck it out.  Instructors warn about pushing the item further down. Now, when reaching out for it fails, you will be instructed to try chest compression to clear the throat.

CPR for professional rescuers

When called for help, professional rescuers are one of the first ones expected to arrive at the scene. Emergencies requiring their intervention of include childbirth, heart attacks, vehicular accidents, and fatal traumas. These are classic examples of such incidents.

Classes for these rescuers and health care providers are different from non-professional rescuer CPR sessions.  For one, the former tend to be more lengthy and exhaustive as there is a more rigid assessment of knowledge and skills.  Classes are far more comprehensive versus those for lay rescuers.

Moreover, trainees are expected to take written exams and must pass all other tests and assessments to get certified. Regulatory agencies require professional rescuers to yearly apply for renewal of certifications issued to them.

So, if you are one of the trainees for this group you will be taught more extensively about applicable medical equipment to be employed during emergencies.  This includes learning how to use the AED, resuscitation mask, and even advanced CPR.

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